Are you having trouble choosing between a bike or a boat?

Captain's hat or bike helmet, handlebars or the helm, a guidebook on how to operate the locks or techniques to avoid punctured tyres... it is a question of style and equipment, but always at the same leisurely pace. On the waters or along the water's edge, read all about new ways to explore Burgundy, at a slow pace.

A leisurely bike ride along the cycle paths

Alongside Burgundy Canal

Bike & cheese trail

Chaource, these cheeses make your mouth water? Rather than just taste them from a cheese platter, how do you fancy a little gourmet trip... by bike? Opt for this 22 km trail where you can combine a great bike ride in the fresh air, with some superb encounters with local producers.

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Long cycling itineraries

Our favourites for 100% freedom that are sure to be a hit

You can finally feel free, not have to look at your watch or your telephone, just decide which route you want to take, no fussing about. 3,2,1 breathe in and breathe out as you let the waters of Burgundy's canals and rivers guide your way along the towpaths.

For a particularly enjoyable bike ride, follow the Voie Bressane which will take you across 13 towns for 58 kilometres. On your way, make sure you stop off at the historic town of Louhans and visit the famous poultry market.

A bike ride along the Voie Bressane

They take care of everything

Christiane, Greg, Laurent and Nicolas know all there is to know about cycling around Burgundy, and will be delighted to show you around!


A word from someone who is passionate about Burgundy

Laurent Richoux, manager of the Maison du Vélo, tells us all about this unique place to hire bikes in Auxerre, on the banks of the river. The ideal location to go for a bike ride and explore the town and vineyards nearby. Passionate riders could even take on the Tour of Burgundy by bike!

The Maison du Vélo

Drift along the waters by boat

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Learn all the secrets of this great river

A trip down the Loire on a traditional boat

Set off on your boat trip with Marie-Christine, a passionate guide who will tell you all about the history of this magical river, the resources of which mankind has always managed to make use of.

Learn all about the Loire with Marie-Christine

Our selection of places to stay

For an overnight stay between two fantastic outings

There's nothing more calming than waking up on the water's edge, the silence only broken by the sound of the birds singing, a light mist hanging over the surface of the water... The day is beginning and your journey continues.


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