Walking, exploring, taking a break, discovering, setting off again: for a few hours, or days!There are plenty of reasons why you'll love cycling, boating, walking or horse-riding through Burgundy, where you can take time to enjoy life. 

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By bicycle

All Burgundy on a bicycle, that's a promise. We're true to our word thanks to the itinerary of the Tour de Burgundy à vélo®, an 800-km round bicycle trip to give you the best of Burgundy, alternating vineyards and forests, châteaux and quaint villages. But that is not all: Blue Way itineraries and the Charles-the-Bold route also take you across the region, so you can visit at your own pace. On your way, there are services to help you. Choose to stay with members of the "Accueil vélo" scheme, to be sure: they have signed a quality charter with the guarantee of cycling facilities.

Burgundy on a bicycle

Crédit : A. DOIRE / Bourgogne Tourisme

By boat

With nearly 1,200 km of rivers and canals, Burgundy is a boating paradise: river cruises on hotel barges, to navigate in comfort; a houseboat to enjoy the freedom of a cruise or excursion with family or friends, for a shorter excursion with the children: there's something for everyone. Cast the lines and set out up- or downstream; there will be plenty of places to stop off at, and when passing through locks you can enjoy a short stroll along the tow paths. Close by, there are vineyards, typical villages, châteaux, churches: in short, Burgundy's amazing, varied heritage.

Burgundy by boat

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On foot

Burgundy has long been hiker-friendly country. It has been the case since the Middle Ages, when pilgrims on the Way of St James flocked through the region from Vézelay to Nevers. The hiking tradition has enjoyed lasting popularity, since the region now features 6,000 km of blazed trails, for short strolls through to long-distance trails. With a guide or going it alone, step into your hiking boots and set out to explore the Morvan mountains, vineyards and the banks of the Loire. There'll be plenty to discover along the way, with circuits on historic and other themes, always in a green setting to help recharge your batteries!

Walking in Burgundy

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On horseback

The wild side of Burgundy springs plenty of surprises, so discovering it on horseback is a great experience. There are 6,500 km of blazed horse-riding trails to back this up. Seasoned riders can strike out on their own, while beginners and youngsters can first have riding lessons to learn how to mount, trot and gallop with an instructor. For a few hours, or more, whatever your level, you'll enjoy the picnic breaks and evenings around a camp fire, Burgundy nature, when stress gives way to relaxation and friendliness.

Burgundy on horseback