The history of the Dukes of Burgundy!

The Dijon Musée des beaux-arts is hitting the headlines. Its Medieval and Renaissance collections are to be exhibited in a newlyrefurbished, larger setting. It's the ideal opportunity to (re-)discover the palace of the dukes and duchy of Burgundy, which houses the museum, as well as the town boasting an abundance of medieval treasures.

Major events and meetings in 2014 :

24th - 25th May 2014 in Germolles castle

A touch of the Middle Ages:
Story-telling, shadow puppets and all kinds of entertainment and the show "Toison d'Or (Golden Fleece) the Dukes's dream" about the origins of the most ancient order of knighthood in the western world inspired by medieval texts.


May 17th to 13th October 2014 Fine Arts Museum, Dijon

In the Duke of Burgundy's palace:Dijon
Multimedia exhibition on the latest discoveries from the "Sainte Chapelle", Dukes' Palace and other Ducal residences. The music and visual effects recreate the atmosphere of the court of Burgundy.


last 2 weeks of August 2014 at the Dukes' Palace, Nevers

At the château, this evening:  
The former residence of the Counts and Dukes of Burgundy opens for 4 nightly visits, a mix of theatre, music and dance tells the history of the Palace and its famous inhabitants.


12th-14th September 2014 Tonnerre

"The Médiévales":  
3 days of joyful entertainment with medieval feasts, troubadours, street sellers, warriors and sorcerers aroud the building of the Hôtel Dieu of Tonnerre founded by Marguerite of Burgundy in 1293


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