The climats

A “climat” is a plot of land given over to vines that has been known under the same name for centuries and has its own identity, both in terms of its culture, via its history going back as much as 2000 years, and in terms of its natural conditions such as the soil, subsoil, aspect and climate.

Event ! The « Climats » of Burgundy’s wine growing region have just been awarded the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage classification.
10 years of hard work by everyone in Burgundy have led to the winegrowing area finally gaining recognition for its Outstanding Universal Value, the very highest level of recognition it is possible to achieve. This provides a source of immense pride and even greater opportunities for us to share this with our visitors. It is a treasure that will be preserved for generations to come.
We would like to thank everybody for their continued support and, more than ever, we welcome you to our vineyards.
Les Climats

The great names of Burgundy

Along the 60 kilometres of the thin ribbon of hills running from Dijon to Santenay, south of Beaune, the climats form a mosaic of unique crus with a parade of the most illustrious names: Chambertin, Romanée-Conti, Clos de Vougeot, Montrachet, Corton, Musigny, etc. Each climat - of which there are more than a thousand side by side, like the pieces of a large jigsaw – has its own history, flavour and place in the hierarchy of the cru, which has slowly been built up by the genius of wine-making in combination with an exceptional physical environment.

Nowhere else has the desire to connect the wine with the place that has produced it and identify it by its origin been taken so far as in Burgundy.

The Climats that are classified as UNESCO World Heritage sites

The climats of the Burgundy wine-growing region appear on the World Heritage list as sites regarded as “joint works of man and nature, together with the areas including the archaeological sites which have an exceptional universal value from the historic, aesthetic, ethnological or anthropological perspective.”

Since 2007 scientists, geologists, historians, geographers, climatologists, linguists, sociologists, biologists and agricultural engineers have been working to demonstrate and increase the exceptional universal value (EUV) of the climats of the Burgundy wine-growing region.


Text credit: press folder of the Association des Climats de Bourgogne