Tango, Swing & Bretelles Festival in Montceau-les-Mines

The accordion in all its glory

27/09/2019 - 06/10/2019

Every year during October, Montceau-les-Mines welcomes the ‘Tango, Swing et Bretelles’ [Tango, Swing and Accordion] Festival. This is a wonderful and highly popular event at which thousands of enthusiasts of all kinds of music have been meeting since 1997. On the bill: Emerging artists and big names in French song based on accordion music!

Music in its many forms

In October, the ‘Tango, Swing et Bretelles’ [Tango, Swing and Accordion] Festival welcomes you to Montceau-les-Mines to enjoy dancing and partying to the sound of the accordion.

Over a fifteen day period, the accordion accompanies both emerging artists and the big-name singers of today. The accordion plays on, whatever the musical style!

For example in 2011: Stromae, Têtes Raides…

Contrary to received wisdom, the accordion does not bring dance into the lives of just accordion-music enthusiasts. Fans of ragga, ska, salsa, tango and even acrobatic rock will be bowled over by the accordion music. And the tens of thousands of participants – from all age groups and all backgrounds – would be the first to agree!

A large-scale, popular and fantastic event

‘Tango, Swing et Bretelles’ is also an opportunity to experience once again the spirit and warmth of popular festivals.

On the programme for the fortnight :

  • over 40 concerts, most of which are free of charge, in the mining basin area ;

  • street shows and activities: Dances, fancy dress, shows…all of them set against a backdrop of accordion music.

Not to be missed: The « foire aux grattons » [Gratton Fair] !

This is THE event of the fortnight that you simply cannot miss, and is held on the festival’s second Saturday. It is an opportunity for festival-goers to enjoy ‘grattons’ (a local specialty dish: Pieces of pork crackling), oysters and white wine.

Festival-goers get to discuss their thoughts about the previous week and their expectations for the second and last week of festivities. A great atmosphere is provided by a town crier, who proclaims messages submitted by participants throughout the town.

Festival Tango Swing et Bretelles (TSB)
L'Embarcadère - Place des Droits de l'Homme - 71300 - MONTCEAU-LES-MINES -
27/09/2019 - 06/10/2019
03 85 67 78 10

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