The "In the Vaults" Music Festival

Blending the sacred with the profane

08/09/2019 - 08/09/2019

The "In the Vaults" Music Festival skilfully blends an exploration of Burgundy architectural heritage with chamber music. From the end of August to the end of September, the most beautiful churches in Burgundy ring with the sounds of famous performance instruments.

A festival with an exploration theme

Every year, the "In the Vaults" Music Festival takes up residence in the religious buildings of Burgundy. One region, four districts: eight towns are chosen for each new show and altogether nearly 100 outstanding locations have already welcomed concerts.

The event’s objective? To highlight the wealth and diversity of the heritage of Burgundy, whilst also making chamber music accessible to as many people as possible.

Performers from the international stage

Quatuor Manfred, a musical ensemble known across the world, is at the origin of the "In the Vaults" Music Festival . Since the mid 1990s this group, that comprises two violins, one viola and one cello, calls on chamber music arrangements from the world over.

And the "In the Vaults" Music Festival also features:

  • talks themed around music and musicology ;

  • visits with commentary to the churches of the eight Burgundy municipalities hosting the event.

Explore also the magic of the big tunes of Beethoven, Schubert, Mozart, Brahms, etc. in places that are filled with history. Pure moments of pleasure to enjoy as a family.

Festival "Musiques en Voûtes"
Église Saint-Pierre - 89700 - TONNERRE -

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