Les Zaccros d’ma rue Festival in Nevers

A major street arts festival

First held in 2000, ‘Les Zaccros d’ma rue’ takes place every year in July in the streets of Nevers and the outlying areas. Circus, concerts, visual performances…its programme is above all popular, diverse and festive. So there is something for everyone here (spectators and artists from 7 to 77).

With over 200 performances (essentially free of charge) in a week, over time the festival has built a national and international reputation for itself.

Encounters that are completely off the wall

As well as the diversity of what’s on offer, ‘Les Zaccros d’ma rue’ enthrals its audience with its imagination and its irresistible and hilarious nature. In fact, most of the shows have little in the way of rhyme or reason. The festival amazes and amuses, and nobody comes away indifferent to it! As an example, visitors discovered the Frichti Concept here in 2011: A bizarre couple, armed with household implements, blending dance and the theatre of objects.

The events you simply must go to
Whilst the entire event is essential viewing, there are two shows that you really must see:

  • the grand parade on the Sunday, where professional performers parade in full costume ; .

  • the astonishing finale on July ?, featuring a fireworks display set to music that always draws thousands of visitors. .

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