Horse ride from Bibracte to Alésia

A journey on horseback in the footsteps of Vercingétorix

Do you love horse riding ? Allow yourself to be swept away in a journey through Burgundy's past! From Mont Beuvray, you can ride horse back along marked trails as far as Alésia. A surprising journey combining nature and archaeology, in the footsteps of the Gaulois.

A fantastic ride along a History trail

Covering some 120 kilometres, the « Bibracte-Alésia » invites riders to travel back to the Gallic-Roman period. This marked itinerary follows the route taken in 52 BC by Vercingétorix and his troops on the way to face Julius Cesar.

Along this exceptional path you can come face to face with endless surprises at the heart of the forests and hillsides in Morvan. From the Bibracte-Mont-Beuvray Oppidum and its archaeological museum you can head onwards to Saulieu and admire the Saint-Andoche Basilica.

You will then come across the Vic-sous-Thil Castle, before crossing the Burgundy Canal to arrive at Flavigny-sur-Ozerain. With its forts, this small village is listed as one of the most beautiful in France. Finally, at Alésia, you can discover the Muséoparc, an exhibition centre which retraces the siege of this site by Cesar. From here you can then go on to visit the remains of the former city and, notably, a Gallic-Roman villa.

This is a favoured walking route

Marked by the National Commission for Horse-riding Tourism, the Bibracte-Alésia route is recommended for good to experienced horse riders. It is recommended to carefully plan the itinerary before heading off.

Along the entire route you will find bivouacs, suitable accommodation and residences that are listed as « Centre de tourisme équestre » [Horse-riding Tourism Centres]. You will be hosted by expert professionals, hire a horse or take care of your own.

Centre d'interprétation du MuséoParc Alésia
1 route des Trois Ormeaux - 21150 - ALISE-SAINTE-REINE -
03 80 96 96 23
Association Départementale de Tourisme Equestre
1546 rue du Troncy - 71600 - NOCHIZE -
  • Comité Régional du Tourisme Équestre
    website of the horse-riding Tourism Centres
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