Fishing on the Saône and at Pannecière Lake

Tease brown bullhead and carp in the heart of nature

In Burgundy, fishermen find ultimate happiness on the banks of the Saône and at Pannecière Lake. At these wild fishing sites you can hunt carnivorous animals and white fish, with or without a boat. Enjoy making the catch!

The Saône, an ideal river for fishing.


Some 100 to 200 metres wide, the Saône is a generous river with green surroundings, highly praised by fishermen. It is, indeed, home to many species of fish (perch, pike perch, brown bullhead, pike, roach, bream, carp, etc.) Some fish can reach a quite remarkable size: Each year, specimens of brown bullhead are caught measuring some 2 metres in length!

On the Saône, you will be able to find some very easily accessible fishing areas, such as the deep waters along the riverbanks. Fish often like to try and conceal themselves close to the feet of bridges. If you have a boat you can access the pools in the middle of the river, which are ideal for calm and peaceful fishing.

At Mâcon, the fishing centre offers fishing trips specialising in catching brown bullhead. Accompanied by a fishing guide, you will have top of the range boats and material. You can, therefore, make the most of the sensations available by coming up against the largest freshwater fish, which is vigorous and strong!

Finally, at Heuilley-sur-Saône, you can visit the Maison de l’Eau, de la Pêche et de la Nature [Water, Fishing and Nature Centre]. The permanent exhibition showcases regional fish, in addition to fishing equipment from the past and present.

Pannecière, the white fish paradise


Another favoured fishing point, Pannecière Lake, spans some 520 hectares at the heart of the Morvan Regional Nature Park. It is the largest lake, with the highest population of fish, in the region. It is home to many species of white fish, including carp, which can be fished at night in some areas. In this wild and woodland setting, you will find sheltered bays and isolated outstretches of water, as well as «tails » formed in the small vales. A whole host of heavenly locations where you can fish in peace the whole day long.

Mâcon Centre de Pêche au Gros
4, rue de la Liberté - 71000 - MACON -
06 11 87 38 90
Pêche sur le lac de Pannecière
Lac de Pannecière - 58120 - CHAUMARD -

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