Enjoy a boat trip along the Nivernais and Burgundy Canals

Explore the landscapes and heritage along the way

Do you want to visit Burgundy in the most relaxing way possible? Design your own itinerary along the most beautiful canals in the region. You will be surprised at every step of the journey, with welcoming nature and cultural gems.

Nature getaway on the Nivernais Canal


From Auxerre to Decize, the Nivernais Canal spans some 180 km. In this bucolic setting you can head off on a boat cruise without a licence for a week or weekend.

After crossing the Auxerrois vineyards you will then move on to see the Yonne valley cliffs, much loved by climbing aficionados. Further south, at Sardy, an impressive series of 16 dams awaits. From there the water will gently carry you to the La Collancelle arches, which is a series of three tunnels at the heart of a natural setting.

Continuing down the canal you will then arrive at the Vaux and Baye marshland, which is home to some remarkable fauna. And for the grand finale you can cross the Bazois, combining forests and wooded countryside.

Castles and churches on the Burgundy Canal

Another famous waterway is the Burgundy Canal (242 km), which links the beautiful Yonne and Saône Valleys. You can cross this on a small barge without requiring a licence, travelling from Migennes to Saint-Jean-de-Losne and discovering a thousand and one wonders!

Your adventure will initially lead you towards the Hôtel-Dieu de Tonnerre (13th Century), before then leading you towards Tanlay Ancy-le-Franc Castles, absolute jewels of the Renaissance period. You will then drift gently onward to Montbard, the native town of the nature lover Buffon, where you can enjoy charming gardens and museums. Just 6 km from there, Fontenay Abbey is a must-see, a genuine Roman treasure which is listed by Unesco.

You will then pass by Pouilly-en-Auxois and its Cap Canal Exhibition Centre, retracing the history of the Burgundy Canal. From there you can cross the green Ouche valley, which is home to a great many barge hotels. Finally, once you arrive at Dijon, you can visit the incredible City of the Great Dukes.

Office de Tourisme Confluence
Place du Champ de Foire - 58300 - DECIZE -
03 86 25 27 23
Office de Tourisme du Migennois
1, place François-Mitterrand - 89400 - MIGENNES -
03 86 80 03 70
Office de Tourisme Rives de Saône - BIT de Saint-Jean-de-Losne
2, rue de la Liberté - 21170 - SAINT-JEAN-DE-LOSNE -
03 80 37 15 70
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