Contemporary Art Spaces

Burgundy’s creative side

Boasting a wealth of unique cultural and artistic heritage, Burgundy is also a land of expression for the creative people of today. Museums, private galleries, artists’ residences… More than twenty venues are completely or partly dedicated to contemporary art in all its forms (painting, graphic art, sculpture, ceramics…). Some of them also provide beginners’ courses that are open to everyone. It is the perfect way to discover and to enjoy these avant-garde works of art.

Contact details for all the venues listed below can be found in the « Contacts & Practical Information » section.

The Yonne Art Centre: where plastic arts take pride of place.

The « Yonne en scène » association organises exhibitions of work by French and international artists every year in the public areas of the Château de Tanlay, a jewel of the Renaissance. It is in this exceptional setting, surrounded by a vast park, that several different art forms live side by side. For example, during summer 2015 ancient cultures and contemporary creations come together around the theme of « devils and gods ».

Le Consortium Contemporary Art Centre: a creative space in the heart of Dijon.

Labelled as a “Centre d’Art” since 1982, this 4,000m² space is located within a former factory that has been renovated by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban. This venue hosts temporary exhibitions by renowned international artists (Willem de Rooij, Christian Lindow, Marie Angeletti…). It provides free visits with commentary that are open to all visitors. The Centre regularly hosts contemporary dance recitals, experimental theatre contemporary music events.

Frank Popper Centre in Marigny: contemporary art for all

A space for meeting, exhibiting, welcoming and studying, this centre is home to the collections and works bequeathed to it by Frank Popper, a specialist in optical, kinetic and technological art.
Its primary mission is to make art accessible, even in its most avant-garde forms.
Regular exhibitions by international artists are also presented here (including Carlos Cruz-Diez, Bernard Aubertin, Ellen Marx…).

The Abéïcité de Corbigny: a place where art converges

Housed within a former Benedictine monastery, this creative space is home to numerous artists in residence. The Abéïcité defines itself as a « hive » that is at the crossroads of multiple artistic disciplines: dance, theatre, painting, music… This venue also hosts numerous contemporary art exhibitions.

The Parc Saint-Léger Centre: in search of contemporary art.

This art centre, ensconced within a former thermal spa resort, presents a rich programme of exhibitions throughout the year. It also supports a great many artists by arranging residences, helping with production and establishing a series of exhibitions « outside of its walls » in venues across the Nièvre department. The aim of its founders is to make contemporary art more democratic thanks to a varied programme of activities (visits, meetings, conferences, workshops…).

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The Tremblay Regional Centre for Contemporary Art (89520) in Fontenoy

Three spaces are devoted to M’an Jeanne (painter), Fernand Rolland (painter and poet) and Jean-Louis Veller (sculptor). In addition to this, two temporary exhibitions per year are open to members of the public.

Espace Jean de Joigny in Joigny (89300)

Every two months this space presents contemporary exhibitions that alternate between plastic and decorative arts.

The La Métairie Bruyère Graphic Art Centre in Parly (89240)

This creative crossroads welcomes artists from all over the world who have come to practice ancient forms of engraving and typography. Exhibitions and workshops allow visitors to discover the secrets of how an art book or a contemporary print is made, with techniques that date from the 15th century! La Métairie also plays host to annual exhibitions by international artists.

The Galerie de l’ancienne Poste in Toucy (89130)

Created in 1997, the Galerie de l'Ancienne Poste is the reference point for exhibitions of contemporary ceramics. This venue uncovers some unique pieces and regularly invites renowned ceramists.

Le Couvent, exhibition space in Treigny (89520)

This historic venue hosts temporary exhibitions and sales of ceramics. Every year, a dedicated festival brings together around forty exhibitors and is held during the second weekend of August.

Maison Zervos in Vézelay (89450)
The home of the creator of the Cahiers d'Art was a meeting place for artists in the 20th century, such as Picasso, Eluard and Léger. Keeping this heritage alive, the association Fondation Zervos supports contemporary creativity by organising exhibitions, as well as arranging residences, shared accommodation and conferences.

Le Dalineum in Beaune (21200)

This museum is entirely devoted to Salvador Dalí. More than 100 works by the Catalan master are on display here: watercolours, drawings, original prints, gouaches, paintings, sculptures…

Musée Gorsline in Bussy-le-Grand (21150)

This former farmhouse has been transformed into a gallery to exhibit the works of Douglas Gorsline (1913-1985), the American painter and illustrator that was influenced by Chrono photography, cubism and realism. This museum also organises annual exhibitions of artists that have links to the world of Gorsline.

Interface apartment/gallery in Dijon (21000)

Since 1995, the apartment/gallery Interface has made a name for itself as a space for experimentation and for supporting young artists. Exhibitions are regularly organised here.

Les Bains du Nord, the permanent exhibition space of the FRAC Bourgogne in Dijon (21000)

Since 2013, the FRAC (Regional Contemporary Art Fund) Bourgogne has boasted a permanent exhibition space where it presents a rich collection featuring some 650 pieces. « Meetings with Contemporary Art » workshops are organised here in order to explain and discuss the works.

ARCADE – Design in the countryside at the Château de Sainte-Colombe-en-Auxois (21350)

The ARCADE association works towards promoting design and artistic crafts. Its summer and autumn exhibitions bring together the creations of renowned international designers.

Maison d’Art Bourgogne du Sud – Sculpture Garden in Marcigny (71110)

The Maison d’Art and Sculpture Garden is, at the same time, a contemporary art exhibition venue and a pleasure garden.

The Contemporary Mosaic Centre in Paray-le-Monial (71600)

This art centre dedicated to mosaic art presents temporary and permanent exhibitions that showcase the new generation of young plastic artists.

Museums and châteaux that regularly host contemporary art exhibitions

Museum of Naive and Popular Arts in Noyers-sur-Serein (89310)

This museum is home to a varied collection from the big names in naïve art, from Yankel to Hokusaï. Several temporary exhibitions are also presented every year.

Château de Ratilly in Treigny (89520)

Since 1951, this former medieval fortress has been home to the pottery workshop of Jeanne, and then Nathalie Pierlot, as well as hosting annual exhibitions by contemporary artists.

Museum of Fine Arts in Dijon (21000)

Installed within the former palace of the Dukes of Burgundy, this museum is one of the oldest in France. Celebrated for its masterpieces dating from the late Middle Ages, it also hosts regular exhibitions by contemporary artists.

The gallery of the Château de Pommard (21630)

The Château de Pommard provides a visit that combines history, art and tastings. Must see: its cellar filled with prestigious wines, of course, but also its contemporary art gallery with works by renowned artists.

Musée du Hiéron in Paray-le-Monial (71600)

This museum-monument retraces the history of Christianity by means of exhibitions that alternate between ancient art (even numbered years) and contemporary art (odd numbered years).

Consortium Museum - Centre d'art contemporain
37, rue de Longvic - 21000 - DIJON -
03 80 68 45 55
Les Bains du Nord, espace d'exposition permanent du Frac Bourgogne
16 rue Quentin - 21000 - DIJON -
03 80 67 18 18
Interface appartement / galerie
12, rue Chancelier de l'Hôpital - 21000 - DIJON -
03 80 67 13 86
Musée des beaux-arts de Dijon
Palais des Etats de Bourgogne - Entrée Cour de Bar - 21000 - DIJON -
03 80 74 52 09
Le Dalineum
26, place Monge - 21200 - BEAUNE -
08 00 33 32 54
Musée Gorsline
5 route d'Etormay - 21150 - BUSSY-LE-GRAND -
03 80 89 30 78
06 27 99 46 01
rue de l'Abbaye - 58800 - CORBIGNY -
Centre Régional d'Art Contemporain
Château du Tremblay - 89520 - FONTENOY -
03 86 44 02 18
Espace Jean-de-Joigny
Place Jean de Joigny - 89300 - JOIGNY -
03 86 91 49 61
Musée des Arts Naïfs et Populaires
25 Rue de l'Eglise - 89310 - NOYERS-SUR-SEREIN -
03 86 82 89 09
Maison de la Mosaïque Contemporaine
15 bis quai de l'Industrie - 71600 - PARAY-LE-MONIAL -
03 85 88 83 13
Musée du Hiéron
13, rue de la Paix - 71600 - PARAY-LE-MONIAL -
03 85 81 79 72
03 85 81 24 65
La Métairie Bruyère - Centre d'Art Graphique
La Métairie Bruyère - Hameau Le Petit Arran - 89240 - PARLY -
03 86 74 30 72
Château de Pommard
15 rue Marey Monge - 21630 - POMMARD -
03 80 22 07 99
Parc Saint Léger, Centre d'Art Contemporain
Parc Saint Léger, Centre d'Art Contemporain - Avenue Conti - 58320 - POUGUES-LES-EAUX -
03 86 90 96 60
Centre culturel ARCADE/Château de Sainte Colombe en Auxois
4 rue des Grangeots - 21350 - SAINTE-COLOMBE-EN-AUXOIS -
07 71 07 04 92
Centre d'Art Contemporain
Communs du Château de Tanlay - 89430 - TANLAY -
03 86 75 76 33
Galerie de l'Ancienne Poste
Place de l'Hôtel de Ville - 89130 - TOUCY -
03 86 74 33 00
Le Couvent
4-8, rue du Couvent - 89520 - TREIGNY-PERREUSE-SAINTE-COLOMBE -
03 86 74 75 38
03 86 74 73 38
Château de Ratilly
03 86 74 79 54
Maison Christian et Yvonne Zervos
3, chemin des Bois de Chauffour - Hameau de La Goulotte - 89450 - VEZELAY -
03 86 32 36 10

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