Renaissance châteaux in Northern Burgundy

An aura of the Loire

Although better known for its Romanesque abbeys and impregnable castles, Burgundy is also home to some outstanding Renaissance châteaux. The banks of the Yonne, flowing past hills and canals from the Tonnerrois to the Puisaye, are dotted with a number of these great country mansions.

From defence to gracious living

In the 16th century Burgundian architecture was influenced by Italy and reverted to classical precepts for the design of its buildings.

Discarding the ideas of defence, which had held sway up until the Hundred years war, Burgundian castles were first transformed into 'châteaux'. Crenels and machicolations were abandoned in favour of façades with broad windows and Italian-style galleries.

Stately homes

In the reigns of François I and Henri IV, new totally “Renaissance” châteaux were built. The style developed gradually and can still be detected in 18th century buildings. We are not so very far from the Châteaux of the Loire!

The tall façades of the château of Maulnes guard an intriguing architectural mystery. Who really designed this brilliant building?

Near the canal de Bourgogne, Ancy-le-Franc has a remarkably elegant interior courtyard.

The château de Tanlay broke loose from Italian influences to become a textbook example of French Renaissance building.

The château de Saint-Fargeau flourished in both Middle Ages and Renaissance times. Behind its great medieval towers can be found a vast courtyard in 17th-18th century style.

Music and enchantment

The Renaissance châteaux are often the setting for prestigious cultural events. From springtime onwards the château of Ancy-le-Franc stages tours, lectures, concerts and recitals. The château of Saint-Fargeau is the scene of enchanting summer shows, bringing great moments in the history of France to life.

Château d'Ancy-le-Franc
18, place Clermont-Tonnerre - 89160 - ANCY-LE-FRANC -
03 86 75 14 63
Château de Tanlay
2, Grande rue Basse - 89430 - TANLAY -
03 86 75 70 61
Château de Saint-Fargeau
Place du château - 89170 - SAINT-FARGEAU -
03 86 74 05 67
Château de Maulnes
Hameau de Maulnes - 89740 - CRUZY-LE-CHATEL -
03 86 75 25 85
06 16 05 00 41
Association des Châteaux de Bourgogne et de Franche-Comté
Château de Couches - Le Château - 71490 - COUCHES -

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