Secrets of a Celtic lady

On the Burgundian 'oppidum' trail, in the upper Seine valley, the town of Châtillon-sur-Seine is home to a fabulous archaeological treasure from the first Iron Age. The famous Vix Krater is the largest surviving vase from ancient times. Stand next to it and see!

thirty year old princess

In 1953, below the Mont Lassois oppidum (a Gallo-Roman fortified town) near Vix, the grave of a Celtic princess was uncovered, revealing:

a ceremonial chariot, bronze, ceramic and silver vessels

a large gold necklace - or torque – weighing 480 grams, clearly belonging to a woman of rank in Celtic society.

a gigantic krater with scrolled handles, the finest piece in the treasure. The bronze vase, made by Greek craftsmen in the 6th century BC, is proof of trade links between the Celtic world and the Mediterranean.

The Vix vase is 1.64 m. tall, weighs 208 kg and can hold 1,100 litres. It's the only one of its kind in the world!

The new museum

The Vix Treasure is displayed in Châtillon-sur-Seine's new museum that is housed, since July 2009, in the old convent buildings of Notre-Dame abbey.

The funeral chamber of the Vix princess has been recreated there. You can admire her jewels, chariot and drinking vessels....

Don't stop there!

Archaeological work continues on the vast plateau of the Mont Lassois. In summer local guides can show you around the site with its ramparts, agricultural buildings and apsidal house.

The Mont Lassois affords good views of the village of Massingy with its twin hills. There are two hiking trails (1 km or 2 km) around this lovely natural site.

The leafy Châtillonnais forest is held in particular esteem and is an important element of the new "Entre Champagne et Bourgogne" National Park, which is currently being set up. Did you know that Châtillon-sur-Seine is on the Crémant de Bourgogne Tourist Route?

Musée du Pays Châtillonnais - Trésor de Vix
14 rue de la Libération - 21400 - CHATILLON-SUR-SEINE -
03 80 91 24 67
Horaires d'ouverture du musée
  • Profitez des nouvelles installations du musée et de sa muséographie entièrement revue.

    Le musée et la boutique sont ouverts tous les jours.
    Du 1er septembre au 30 juin :
    - De 9 h à 12 h et de 14 h à 18 h
    Du 1er juillet au 31 août :
    - De 10 h à 19 h
    Fermeture les 1er janvier, 1er mai et 25 décembre.

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