Bibracte and Mont Beuvray

Archaeology and the great outdoors!

Bibracte stands on a wooded summit in the Morvan hills. This former Gallic capital is an “outstanding natural site”, an innovative museum of Celtic civilisation and an important centre for research. A range of activities brings Celtic civilisation to life for all the family.

In the footsteps of Vercingetorix

At the end of the 2nd century BC, Bibracte was the capital of the Gallic Aedui people. In its heyday it had a population of over 10,000. It was here that Vercingetorix was proclaimed leader of the Gallic coalition in the year 52.

With its fortifications and districts grouped around a central avenue, Bibracte tells a moving tale of life in ancient Gaul.

A 120 kilometre trail for hikers, horse riders and mountain bikers follows the route taken by the Gallic army from Bibracte to Alésia.

Nature and archaeology

Mont Beuvray, with its panoramic views, is classed as a 'Grand Site de France'. It's a good family outing, as the archaeological site offers a number of activities.

The permanent exhibition at the museum is devoted to Celtic civilisation and the latest discoveries.

Near the actual dig and the temporary exhibition, you can try your hand at archaeology and take part in the Bibracte summer workshops. In spring there's an experimental archaeology course concentrating on Gallic cookery.

Keen ramblers can go on a guided expedition to discover a mysterious town buried under the forest floor. You're in for a surprise when you see the "queules" - strangely shaped trees once used to form woven hedges.

This one's for thrill seekers! Learn all about tree climbing before attempting to reach the tree tops!

Night on the Mont

In summer, at the centre of the dig, the Bibracte Archaeology film night is a chance to see some historical highlights on a giant screen.

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  • Grand Site de France
Site archéologique de Bibracte
Mont Beuvray - 71990 - SAINT-LEGER-SOUS-BEUVRAY -
03 85 86 52 40
Horaires d'ouverture
  • A la fois centre archéologique et lieu d'exposition, Bibracte vous accueille toute l'année. Pour saisir tous les aspects du site, les visites guidées sont vivement recommandées. Le site accueille également les scolaires dans le cadre de visites découvertes, d'ateliers pédagogiques ou encore de classes patrimoine.

    Le musée et son exposition temporaire sont ouverts tous les jours :
    - Du 13 mars au 14 novembre, de 10 h à 18 h
    - En juillet et en août, de 10 h à 19 h
  • Bibracte numérique
    Découvrez le nouvel outil numérique de Bibracte en vidéo !
    Read more

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