Guédelon : A Castle in the Making

The ultimate in grand design

Deep in secluded woodland, an abandoned quarry reveals a landscape that seems to have been untouched for a thousand years. Out of this wood and stone, quarrymen, stonemasons, woodcutters, carpenters, blacksmiths, tilers, woodturners, ropemakers, carters and their horses are building a castle using 13th-century building techniques. This amazing project allows you to follow in the footsteps of medieval master-builders!

Experimental archaeology in action

It is impossible to visit the castles and cathedrals of the Middle Ages without wondering how these buildings were constructed, where the materials came from, how they were transported, which tools were used, how such heavy loads were hoisted or how the construction site was managed.

Guédelon is an attempt to answer these same questions. This construction site - unlike any other in the world - sheds light on the mysteries of medieval castle construction.

Work began in 1997 and should be completed around 2025.

Watch history come to life

The natural site around Guédelon provides the materials required for castle-construction: stone, earth, wood and sand. Visit the craftsmen at work in their lodges and discover more about the ancient arts and crafts they employ.

A shared passion

The Guédelon medieval construction site can be visited with or without a guide. A day at Guédelon is a journey back in time, a day spent in the company of medieval master-builders. Numerous different activities take place throughout the season: beginners' stonecarving workshops for all ages, iron-ore smelting at the forge, firing of roof and paving tiles in the forest's wood-fired kiln, medieval cuisine workshops in the castle kitchen. Consult the calendar of events on Guédelon's website:

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Guédelon, nous bâtissons un château fort
03 86 45 66 66
03 86 45 66 66
Horaires d'ouverture du chantier médiéval de Guédelon
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