Learn about Burgundian food & wine

A major centre for wine and gastronomy, Burgundy will stimulate your senses. Why not sign up for course in cookery or wine tasting? In just a few hours you will be familiar with some of the best flavours of Burgundy...

Moutarde - Crédit : A.DOIRE - Bourgogne Tourisme


Crédit : A.DOIRE - Bourgogne Tourisme

Start with gourmet food

At Joigny Jean-Michel Lorain, a Michelin starred chef, opens up his kitchens to give detailed, technical lessons during which everything he does and says is recorded on video.

Along the Canal de Bourgogne, you can take part in lessons at the château d'Ancy-le-Franc. You work in the old kitchens of this renovated château before tasting the fruit of your efforts! On the menu: traditional 'pâté en croûte' with some unusual flavours or sweet and savoury verrines...

Move on to gastronomy and wine

At Talant, a former Michelin starred chef, Jean-Paul Thibert, will introduce you to some traditional dishes and, as a bonus, take you on a tour of Dijon market.

2 minutes' walk from the Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy, you can take part in cookery lessons for everyone at the Atelier des Chefs. In under an hour you prepare a two course meal which you then eat. Choose from: oriental dishes or chocolate in every shape and form!

After this, become a wine expert for a day at the Ecole des vins de Bourgogne in tasting methods of the greatest connoisseurs. Sensation Vin also offers expert advice and tasting of 6 or 12 wines with a commentary.

"Wine expert for a day, learn tasting methods of the greatest connoisseurs"

Continue with your wine studies

Really interested in wine? At Pouilly-sur-Loire benefit from a complete introduction to wine tasting, presented by an expert from the estate.

End up a complete gourmand

At Montceau-les-Mines, near Chalon-sur-Saône, the Michelin starred chef, Jérôme Brochot, invites you into his culinary world - from buying produce at market to its final transformation in the kitchens of his restaurant, Le France.