Famous Burgundians

For more than 2,000 years, Burgundy has been home to countless extraordinary people who have lived, worked and created there. You have probably heard of many of these historical or contemporary celebrities; but did you know that they were born in Burgundy or had adopted it as their homeland?

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Kings, military leaders and political figures

Before becoming the region that it is today, Burgundy was first a kingdom, then a duchy and later a French province during the Ancien Régime. Long before, Celtic aristocrats had built fortresses to control trade routes, thus establishing their power. Find out about the men and women whose fame has spread well beyond Burgundy's ever-changing borders.

A religious past

On the lands of the Aeduis, the Senones and the Lingones (Gallic and Celtic peoples) appeared some of the first dioceses in Gaul. In the time of the Dukes of Burgundy, two of the most important monastic orders originated in Burgundy, at Cluny and Cîteaux Abbeys. Burgundy still asserts its spiritual vocation, with the Taizé community, which was founded by Frère Roger Schütz and attracts 100,000 young people per year.

Painters, sculptors and musicians

From Romanesque churches to the court of the Dukes of Valois, from the Renaissance to the Romantics and contemporary art, Burgundian artists have created many a masterpiece; and the music of composers such as Jean-Philippe Rameau is not played only in Burgundy!

Science and technology geniuses

From fortifications to canals, from thermodynamics to the conquest of space, many Burgundians have engraved their name in the history of science and technology, alongside that of the symbolic figure of Nicéphore Niépce, the inventor of the most popular art today: photography.

Noble exponents of the written word

The history of Burgundy has been full of men and women of letters since ancient times. But literary Burgundy also includes colourful characters immortalised by the greatest painters and popular music.

They're the buzz, in sports and entertainment!

True to its rich heritage, Burgundy is still the centre of attention today. For more than a century, Burgundian artists and athletes have hit the headlines.