The destinations "Morvan"

Morvan Peaks

Undergrowth with a profusion of blueberries, the fragrance of heather, mushrooms and moss, beechwood and chestnut forests, picturesque pathways, panoramas, torrents and clearings, volcanic rock... Features of the landscape includes peaks, sharp slopes and wide valleys, woodlands and farmland, for a mountainous mood and stunning scenery affording magnificent views. In south Morvan, you can see the Haut-Folin peak (901 m. in altitude) and Mont-Beuvray and find out about the chestnut farming traditions. For the height of pleasure, encounters, history and festivals, Morvan throws open its gates, pavement cafés and festivals for you. . . Take a beneficial break at the St Honoré-les-Bains spa, check out the archaeological site of Bibracte or weave your way along winding lanes to magnificent viewpoints, Morvan summits is a peak destination!

Morvan Lakes

Shady banks, small well-preserved islands, gentle, calm water, oasis in the heart of the mountains, fishing and water sports, white-water rivers In a lush green setting, the Great Morvan Lakes are in a well-preserved, naturel setting. Some will enjoy fun and games at the water park, while others will prefer to chill out in the mountains, or on the shady banks of Settons lake stretching across a vast, tree-lined valley. If you're seeking out silence in a haven of peace, you'll prefer Saint-Agnan lake, great for fishing with pike, carp and perch. Others will enjoy the rolling scenery, marshland and forests, at the largest lake, Pannecière. Some will go down the rushing Chalaux river from Chaumeçon lake, or stroll along the Crescent and Chamboux lakes.

Morvan valleys

Rolling prairie grasslands and intertwining brooks, villages and clock towers, farmland with hedgerows, chapels, abbeys and châteaux shrouded in legend and mystery, scenic routes and peaceful resting-places This gentle landscape with its hidden charms is perfect for strolling and visiting. Local produce, history and traditions all await you in these prairies studded with jewels of architecture and spirituality: the eternal hill of Vézelay, its wine, fairs and markets, Thil hill and the ruined church, the château de Bazoches, Avallon city walls and legendary stone buildings like the Abbey of Pierre-qui-Vire, to name but a few. Take your time, take advantage of the therapeutic salt waters of Fontaines-Salées, get off the beaten track taking the scenic route along the Cure river and visit the Cousin valley mills. You'll see dray horses and wildlife, farmers, hedgerows and beech forests, legends and ideal spots for relaxing.

Morvan, a Regional Nature Park in Burgundy

The territory, which boasts a strong sense of identity, comprises a variety of natural spaces: steep peaks, rolling hills, forests and copses, meadows, lakes and ponds, rivers and streams. This area, also known as the “isle of Morvan” or the “mountain of Burgundy,” has managed to retain its authentic feel, combining respect for traditional farming, with emphasis on the preservation of the natural environment, promoting the historic and spiritual heritage, hospitality and friendship: some of the many reasons for which it was awarded the Regional Nature Park label in 1970.

The Great Morvan crossing on mountain bike

The Great Morvan crossing