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Experience the history of industry in Burgundy

Steel, coal, earth, stone, and many more riches from the soils of Burgundy have driven the region's economic growth through the centuries, leaving traces here and there of human and industrial activities. Come and learn all about the expertise of the Burgundy people, from the past to the present day, by visiting these amazing sites where you'll be moved by the lives of the men and women who lived and worked there.

Creusot Montceau Tourisme
1 The "factory town"

Le Creusot

Visit Le Creusot, a town that underwent radical change instigated by the Schneider family during the industrial revolution.

Immerse yourself in its history as you explore the many traces of that glorious period. A fascinating trip to the 19th century for children and adults alike!

Musée de l'Homme et de l'industrie!


Heloise HENRIET/BFC Tourisme
2 Fit for royalty

The Foundry of La Chaussade in Guérigny

More than 500 kilometres inland from the coast, an impressive anchor marks the entrance to the foundry of La Chaussade. Isn't it amazing that at this very spot, they produced anchors and chains to equip the vessels of the French Royal Navy?

Forge Royale de La Chaussade


Musée de la Mine et Puits des Glénons
3 The mining world

Mining Museum in La Machine

Armed with a helmet and headlamp, follow in the footsteps of the former miners. An immersive experience to say the least, as you really get a feel for the tough conditions in which they lived and worked.

Musée de la Mine & Les Glénons mine shaft

La Grande Forge de Buffon
4 Setting the example

The great foundry of Buffon

Established in the spirit of the Age of Enlightenment, the foundry is presented as an industrial "model" where factory life and home life came together at the same site. Come and learn about the 300 to 400 workers who lived and worked here.

La Grande Forge de Buffon


y destination/BFC Tourisme
5 A colourful sight

Tile Museum at Les Granges-sous-Grignon

The colourful rooftops of Burgundy are covered with the region's emblematic glazed tiles. Here you'll learn about every stage of their production, from moulding to firing and glazing. Don't miss the chance to admire this traditional craftsmanship.

Musée de la Tuilerie

Alain DOIRE/BFC Tourisme
6 Tiles galore

Villa Perrusson in Ecuisses

In the heart of the ceramics valley, this house showcases a whole catalogue of local expertise and production. Without a doubt, you'll be amazed by each wall, each window ledge and each roof ridge that make up this fabulous exhibition.

La Villa Perrusson

Catherine DEMOLY/BFC Tourisme
7 An immersive experience

The Mining Museum in Blanzy

Follow the guide, who may well be a former miner, on an exploration deep into the coal-mining world. Lampisterie, shaft site, gallery, hanging room... you'll see them all and learn everything there is to know about coal mining in the 19th century.

Musée de la Mine

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