Cidre Frottier

Along the "Route du Cidre et des Pressoirs"

Burgundy is well-known for its great wines, but good cider is also produced here!

In the north of the region, you'll see apple trees everywhere you look... Don't hesitate to stop by to see Louisette and Serge Frottier and visit their Musée de la Pomme et du Cidre (Apple and Cider Museum) in Vaudeurs. Just a few kilometres from there, the Domaine de La Charloise is also a great place to come and discover some ancient varieties of apples that are now only found in Pays d’Othe. 

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The berries of Burgundy

In the Côte and Hautes-Côtes de Nuits, the berry producers make some delicious products using raspberries, strawberries, redcurrants and of course, blackcurrants. Stop by the Jean-Baptiste Joannet liqueur-maker in Arcenant and the Fruirouge Farm, where these berries have been growing for 4 generations in Concoeur.

Come to the Cassisium in Nuits-Saint-Georges for a fun and interactive tour that is adapted to all, and where there is also a guided tour of the Védrenne company and an opportunity to taste their syrups and liqueurs.

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Le Cassissium
In southern Burgundy

The unmissable markets

In Saône-et-Loire, go to the well-known fairs and markets of Bresse, especially the weekly market on Monday mornings in Louhans, where Bresse poultry is the star product.

In the far south of Burgundy, take a stroll through the green countryside in Charolais-Brionnais to see the Charolais cattle and then explore the various markets such as the one in Saint-Christophe-en-Brionnais on Wednesdays or in Marcigny on Mondays.

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The "Vélo et Fromages" route

Cycle along the "Vélo et Fromages" routes across some great landscapes where you'll also have the opportunity to discover the cheeses of Burgundy at the markets and gourmet events, in the restaurants and of course directly with the cheesemongers and producers. There are three routes available: 

- The "Voie des Vignes": a great cycle route from Dijon to Beaune, across the Climats of Burgundy's vineyards where you can taste some local speciality cheeses such as Brillat-Savarin and Cîteaux.

- The "Grande Boucle de Bourgogne du Sud": between Chalon-sur-Saône and Mâcon along the Voie Bleue and the Greenway, past well-known vineyards, over hills, through typical villages, along the banks of the Saône and with tastings of the Mâconnais, an AOP (Protected Designation of Origin) goat's cheese.

- North of the Yonne, alongside Burgundy Canal, to discover Soumaintrain cheese.

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Association des producteurs de Jambon du Morvan
At the heart of Burgundy

Specialities of Morvan

As you cross the French region of Burgundy, your experience is likely to involve local cider, Soumaintrain cheese, or a meal featuring Charolais beef or Bresse poultry, and when you pass through Morvan, make sure you taste the local deli meats and honey made from wildflowers.

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