Day 1

Sens, in Pays d'Othe

Come and explore Sens over a weekend and see the sights in an original way.


Tan Mill Park and the Tropical Greenhouses

Take a stroll around a Remarkable Garden and admire the landscaped areas. Wander from the arboretum to the animal enclosures, wild rose bushes and observe the wildlife in the park. Lose yourself in this vast green space or follow the orienteering trail. And don't forget to admire the magnificent Tropical Greenhouses.

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Alain Doire - BFC Tourisme

Solve the riddles in the footsteps of the French Michelangelo

Come and experience the town of Sens at the time of the Renaissance. Using your smartphone or a tablet on loan from the Tourist Office, you'll have 22 riddles to solve in 14 stages, to reveal the name of this artist from Sens, who can be described as the French Michelangelo.

Day 2

Museums and cycle paths

Alain Doire - BFC Tourisme

The museums of Sens

Go back in time, through the ages and meet Brennus, the leader of the Senones who once conquered Rome. Roam the underground galleries and you'll be taken aback by the mosaics and sculptures.

Learn all about the treasure of the cathedral, the Gallo-Roman collections and artworks donated by Marrey!

Studio Morize

The parks of Sens by bike

Pick up your bicycles from the tourist office and set off for between 9 and 13 km through the parks and gardens of Sens.

Sens Tourist Office
Delicious food at

The Auberge de la Lucarne aux Chouettes

Come and treat yourself to the dishes carefully concocted by the chef, in a warm and welcoming place on the water's edge in Villeneuve-sur-Yonne.

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