Stay in the City

Discovering cities of art and history. Experience the charm and atmosphere of the cities of Burgundy and their large, rich heritage. From Sens to Mâcon, through the heart of the region and the Loire Valley, take the time to wander the streets. And immerse yourself in their environment throughout your outings and sightseeing...


Circuits and unusual routes

During the day, treat yourself to a walk in the Burgundy's cities of character. The region's cities have the most surprisingly rich architecture and heritage.

Through the course of discovery routes, soak up the atmosphere of the streets::

  •  In Auxerre, let yourself be guided by the marks on the ground representing Cadet Roussel, a 5 km jaunt to discover the 67 points of interest in the city. And if it tires you, take the electric vehicle, Le Voyageur, which allows you to finish the visit comfortably seated.
  • In Dijon, lhe capital of Burgundy, stroll - on foot or by segway - along the parcours de la Chouette [the Owl's trail] to discover the city's treasures. The Palace of the Dukes and States of Burgundy, which houses the Museum of Fine Arts, figures prominently on it.
  • Starting at the Hôtel-Dieu de Beaune and its museum, the Visiotrain also takes you to the foot of the city's most beautiful monuments: mansions, half-timbered houses, the Notre-Dame Basilica, the Hotel des Ducs and its museum of Burgundy wines, etc.
  • West of the Morvan, you can discover Nevers by following the blue line on the ground. This city of art and history is full of architectural beauties, such as the cathédrale Saint-Cyr and Sainte-Julitte [Nevers Cathedral] and the Ducal Palace, the first of the Loire Castles..
  •  To the south of the region, discover Mâcon, along the Saône, through three amazing routes. You will take unexpected passages that are inaccessible without the presence of the guide who has the key to the city...

For lovers of cycling, rides are possible in all these cities. Get on your bike for a ride along the water!

Combine a city break & wine





Gastronomic stops

In the region of gastronomy, gluttony is far from being a sin! During your walks in the streets, you will surely see some shops with regional products.

This way you can share some of Burgundy's treats with your friends and family. Very famous, the Ragueneau chocolate factory in Nevers delights the most demanding palates. Further east, the shops in the large Rue de Chalon-sur-Saône fill your baskets with traditional cheeses and tasty specialities.

After a tasting of local wine in a tasting cellar, shop or wine bar, choose from the finest restaurants in the area - starred or not - for a tasty dinner. Enjoy, for example, the rich Burgundian cuisine at DZ'envies [restaurant profile link], opposite the Halles de Dijon, or take a seat at Le Mille et une feuilles restaurant in La Charité-sur-Loire for a literary meal in the City of Books.

In the morning, after an overnight stay in a hotel, youth hostel, residential hotel or City Breaks B&B, wander through the region's markets. In Joigny, for example, gougères [choux pastry filled with cheese], gingerbread, honey, cheeses and wines line the shelves of stalls on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

"After a tasting of local wine in a tasting cellar, shop or wine-bar..."

Demonstrations and events throughout the year

After a busy day, there is nothing like a break... with music! In the summer, do not miss the Garçon la note festival, for example, in Auxerre and Dijon.

Also, do not hesitate to plan a stay in the region's cities during one of the many festivals: among others, D'jazz Nevers or Chalon dans la rue.

The region's museums also hold many treasures. Stop at the Museums of Sens, or the Musée Rolin in Autun to learn about the cultural richness of Burgundy.

For an autumn break, the the wine auction of the Hospices de Beaune blends performances, tastings and charity, while the International Gastronomic Fair in Dijon satisfies foodies.

A lively stay

Lovers of music or trendy nights out for all ages will enjoy a stopover in Dijon, where entertainment options are many. Want to go to a concert? Book tickets at the Zenith, the Auditorium or La Vapeur. The latter venue mixescontemporary music (rap, hip-hop, beatbox, electro and jazz), exhibitions and screenings by contemporary creators.

For sportier activities, treat yourself to a short round of  paint ball in Auxerre,catfish fishing in Mâconor a session of mechanical sports on the Dijon-Prenois or Nevers-Magny-Cours racetrack.

Accessible cities

If you don't drive, you can get to Burgundy's large cities or historic sites thanks to many coachshuttle or TER train lines.