Spiritual Burgundy: the Santiago de Compostella pilgrim way… - AUXERRE
Touring holiday

Length of stay: 5 days / 4 nights

Medieval heritage and vineyards

Day 1: arrive in Tonnerre and get final details for your hike. After this you are free to explore the town. Don’t miss the Hôtel-Dieu Marguerite de Bourgogne with its remarkable sun-dial and the Fosse Dionne, a circular wash house with constantly running, turquoise water!

Starting through alleyways and narrow streets, the first stage (18.5 km) then runs past vineyards towards Chablis. Take time to visit the Collegiate church of Saint-Martin. Why not taste some wine here, in cellars with wine-presses from the Middle Ages. Spend the night in a guesthouse or 3 star hotel.

On the next day, stage 2 (24 km) takes you from Chablis to Auxerre. Perhaps you bought an Andouillette au Chablis to eat for lunch? At Auxerre, the cathedral of Saint-Etienne, Tour de l’Horloge and abbey of Saint-Germain are all well worth a visit. Your accommodation is in the Maison des Randonneurs.

Day 3: 29 km on the banks of the river Yonne. Stop in the wine-growing village of Irancy for a tasty snack and a glass of pinot noir or seasonal rosé. Afterwards walk through the medieval village of Cravant. Bed and board await you at the Auberge d’Accolay…

Forests, valleys and World Heritage

Day 4: this 20 km stage runs through lovely Burgundian villages. On the way you can see prehistoric caves in the cliffs. Up to the top of the old fortress hill at Cora to enjoy a splendid view of the basilica at Vézelay, a UNESCO World Heritage site. A panoramic view of the Morvan can be seen through the gathering twilight. You can choose between a 2 star hotel, guesthouse or religious accommodation for your night’s lodging.

The final stage of your hike (20 km) runs through vast, tranquil forests. On arrival in Clamecy, you may care to visit the Romain Rolland museum to find out more about the history of wood floating!

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